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Architecting Strategy
You may already be a seasoned manager or architect, but Architecting Strategy and Governance with teach you the heart of senior executive responsibility. Nowhere else can you get trained in a structured methodology for developing, modeling and documenting strategies and governance. Learn how to design a strategy using a rigorous process and nomenclature. Eight separate views within a Governance Viewpoint, each producing deliverables suited to various senior executive stakeholder groups. Upon completion, you will be able to architect deliverables that specifically target senior executives and help themdeliver traceability, transparency, and most importantly - Decision Advantage.

Architecting Governance
Also, you will learn how to develop and implement a turn-key Governance structure and process with templates, models, roles and responsibilities, various Terms of Reference, metrics and measures, project checkpoint test procedures, and a complete sample Governance structure that has been adopted, tested and matured by numerous Corporations and government Departments and Agencies.

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