Who should get CERTIFIED?

This course is for every Business Manager or Enterprise/Business Architect.

  1. This course enables you to create an organizational or project strategy, as well as how to set up a complete, turn-key organizational governance structure.
  2. Create models that deliver complete end-to-end traceability and transparency. The perfect deliverables for executives, auditors, governance bodies, and review boards.
  3. Learn highly specialized techniques used by the military for developing strategies to create greater Situational Awareness and deliver superior Decision Advantage.
  4. Learn how to develop a graphical business strategy using an architected approach. We teach you how to leverage an entire Strategy Viewpoint with eight separate stakeholder views not available in any architecture framework today, yet integrates with every modern architecture framework (UAF, TOGAF, DoDAF, NAF, Zachman™, and DNDAF etc.).
  5. This is knowledge that you can’t currently learn in any Business Management School (even Ivy League MBA programs) or any course on Enterprise or Business Architecture taught today. This material so leading-edge that it won’t make it into mainstream curriculum for at least another decade.
  6. Learn how to gain a strategic advantage over other managers as well as your competition.

Dr. Randy Frid

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