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Architecting Strategy and Governance

ARCHITECTING STRATEGY and GOVERNANCE has been purpose-built, specifically for any Manager or Architects that wants an edge in establishing organizational strategy (at any level of the organization), developing a top-down approach for traceability and transparency, as well as working with a team in a "graphical" environment on any transformation project.

Dr. Frid is responsible for developing an architected approach to organizational governance, which enhances current architecture frameworks such as DNDAF, TOGAF, DoDAF, MODAF, and the new Unified Achitecture Framework (UAF). This effort brings Enterpise Architecture to the Executive Decision Making domain (something that has been lacking in EA Frameworks until now).

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Multiple decades in research and development, as well as Lessons Learned, Good Practices, Tips, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) has resulted in one of the most innovative training courses available for Managers and Architects.

Processes, Templates and Guides

This course provides students with all the processes, templates and guides they require to implement what they learn inside their organization. These are included in the course price but are copyright protected, so CIKM branding cannot be removed.


Students will have online access to a professor throughout the course for discussion, advice and evaluation of graded materials. Students will also get a chance to see one of the world's premier architecture tools in action from
Dassault Systems/No Magic MagicDraw
implementing ISO:19517
Unified Architecture Framework (UAF)

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