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Dr. Randy Frid — Principle Scientist

Have you ever wondered why Enterprise Architects (EA) are never invited to join the Board of Directors or participate with the most senior executives in an organization. It’s because they have little to offer of value. Most EA’s are stuck in computer and communication planning. We will show you how to create deliverables that senior executives are actually interested in and will be asking for more.

Dr. Frid has been developing and implementing our approach to Architecting Strategy and EA Governance for more than three decades. He leverages the best in industry practices and standards, yet builds additional layers on top of modern frameworks that are specifically designed to satisfy the questions asked by senior executives in any organization type. Previously a Principle Scientist for Microsoft, Dr. Frid also sat on the Board of a multi-billion dollar corporation and during the past 15 years, has since committed to help the Department of National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces architect their organizational C4ISR and Logistical Strategies.