CERTIFICATION Membership Program

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Our goal is to either help build on your current management skills by getting you CERTIFIED in ARCHITECTING STRATEGY AND GOVERNANCE.

Suitable for Government and Private Sector Employee Training programs!

This Certification Program will teach you all you need to know to architect your organization and/or project strategy, as well as how to establish a turn-key Governance structure if and when required.


This is a Tiered Program




(includes Certification for one person)

This is a self-paced, “hands-free” (no access to coaching), do it all yourself, course.

Regular Members will retain their accounts post-certification and will have access to any new or refreshed course-related material. However, if NEW courses are released that are outside the range of mandatory courses required for Certification, those NEW courses will be available for additional cost. This allows Regular Members to retain access to existing Certification material while growing their library of additional courses selectively, to suit their individual needs.



(includes Certification for one person + everything in BRONZE MEMBERS)

Silver Members are entitled to open-coaching and Q&A with our professors via our Discussion Forum as well as full access to our ever-growing body of knowledge (BOK), over and beyond the fundamental materials required for Certification.

——————— Limited Enrolment Memberships ———————


– (includes Certification for one person + everything in SILVER MEMBERSHIP)

“Professor on Retainer”
Gold Members have the very unique ability to access one-on-one coaching for issues you may encounter on the job any project you may be involved in. Consider it as having your own personal Professor on retainer (advisory capacity only).

We attempt to maintain response times within 24 business hours. However, there may be exceptional times when a very specific Professor may be required to assist you and they are not available for a given period of time. We will try our very best to accommodate your situation.

Gold Members are also entitled to full access to our ever-growing body of knowledge (BOK).



– Typically for Corporations (includes Certification for one person + everything in GOLD MEMBERSHIP)

“Consultant on Retainer”
Platinum Members receive a Consultant on retainer for the duration of their contract period. Our Consultants will work one-on-one with you to design your strategies and/or governance deliverables.

Deliverables are based on first-in, first-out (FIFO). Deliverable turn-around times will be based on FIFO, availability of your stakeholders to engage in meetings and communications, and the overall complexity of the deliverable.

Platinum Members are also entitled to full access to our ever-growing body of knowledge (BOK).


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Dr. Randy Frid

CERTIFICATION Membership Program

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