A Career in Architecting Strategy and Governance

Looking for a life-long career working with senior executives? You’ve come to the right place.

Tired of working at the bottom and wondering why executives make the decisions they do? Then take control of your career and join CIKM. Learn to work side-by-side with your executives, and help them by adding an architected rigour to their decision-making processes.

As an Enterprise Architecture (EA) you start at the top and work down. This is the opposite of most careers where people typically have to work their way up the ladder. True EA is a career that specializes in the orchestration of organizational strategy and transformation. This is something that is NOT taught in academia yet, nor has it made it’s way into the various EA frameworks that have been evolving over the past few decades to help model organizations and complex transformation efforts.

CIKM can provide you training using the Frid Framework, which sits on top of, and integrates into, all other frameworks, because it is the only framework designed specifically to architect the Governance, Strategy and Executive Decision-Making that takes place at the top of an organization. Where other frameworks do well at helping model physical and logical architectures, they fail completely when it comes to architecting Governance and Strategic Planning.

So CIKM training teaches you how to architect deliverables that are consumed by the Board of Directors or any senior executive, to enable them to develop more informed strategies, help weigh the impact and risks of their strategies, and help communicate their strategies using a graphical language that makes it easy for all stakeholders to understand the direction and impact of the strategies. The deliverables you create will generate directly feed down into the Business Architecture layer of all the common frameworks that exist in most organizations today. This helps Directors use graphical models to help develop and communicate the course of their organizational direction using a formal architecture discipline. The end result is both decision and information advantage, with clear traceability and transparency, something every Director wants.

Join us today and learn how to become a true Enterprise Architect. The program we offer is lengthy, constantly growing, and covers a great deal of information. It is not a static program. This means it is built on the principle of Living Tree Doctrine, constantly evolving to embody the very best processes, tools and techniques. It is designed from the core to continually adapt to an ever changing global environment. So your participation will be ongoing. You will benefit from a constant updates in the curriculum and constant evolution of program materials, tools, templates and everything you need to mature your discipline as an Enterprise Architect.

If you are prepared for a life-long rewarding career helping executives make crucial decisions, then this is the program for you.

Dr. Randy Frid

A Career in Architecting Strategy and Governance

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